Learning Objectives

  • Describe the 3 main types of BGP security vulnerabilities.

  • Model the network routing policies of a network within IRR objects

  • Build BGP filters from the IRR for their network operating systems

  • Demonstrate how RPKI’s Route Origin authorisation and validation works

  • Select a specific RPKI implementation model based on a network type.

  • Implement RPKI to address BGP’s route origin validation problem.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Setting the Context

    • Course Startup Survey

    • Prerequisite Check

    • BGP in a Nutshell

    • BGP Security Vulnerabilities

  2. 02
    • Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Overview

    • Components of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR)

    • Building BGP FIlters from IRR Objects

    • Mid-course Survey

  3. 03
    • Public Key Infrastructue (PKI) Overview

    • Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)

    • Implementing RPKI

  4. 04
    • Final Exam

    • End of course survey

    • So what’s next?

Course Lead

Olatunde Awobuluyi