Learning Objectives

  • Determine the precise amount of IPv6 space for any network

  • Obtain the required IPv6 prefix from AFRINIC (the RIR)

  • Implement a detailed IPv6 address plan in an IP Address Management System (IPAMS)

  • Subnet an IPv6 prefix and other subnet maths

Course Curriculum

  • 01


    • Setting the Context

    • Prerequisite Check

    • What Is An Address Plan?

    • IPv6 Address Plan Best Practices

  • 02


    • How Much Space Do I Need as an ISP?

    • How Much Space Do I Need as an Enterprise Network?

    • Using AFRINIC's IPv6 Prefix Estimator Tool

    • IPv6 Subnetting

  • 03


    • Getting IPv6 Space from AFRINIC

    • Choosing Between PA vs PI Space

  • 04


    • Best Practices for Subnet Allocation

    • Worked Example - ISP Address Plan in an IPAMs

  • 05


    • Final Exam

    • What Next?

Course Lead

Mukom has taught more than 4000 professionals from over 50 countries. An operational excellence (Lean Six Sigma, OKRs & 4DX) geek, his first love has always helping people unleash the potential of technology. Mukom is the creator of the IPv6 Forum's Certified Systems Engineer certification and the architect of cert6.io. - the world's only French language IPv6-certification platform. He tweets at @perfexcellent and occasionally blogs at www.perfexcellence.com

Mukom Tamon

Mallam Mukom